Bengaluru Traffic Horror: Kids Going to School in the Morning Reach Home at Night

Although traffic problems are very common in Bengaluru, but if you find that you are stuck in a jam for 5 hours continuously… A similar scene was seen in the traffic jam on Wednesday in the city where in 2 hours People did not even complete the distance of 1 kilometer.

In Bengaluru, famous for its traffic jams, there was such a jam on Wednesday that the children going by bus after school reached their homes late in the evening around 8 pm. During this time his parents kept worrying but they had no option. He couldn’t even go to pick up his children because of traffic. Parents kept discussing this situation on society WhatsApp groups.

According to the information, there was a huge jam on the Outer Ring Road of Bengaluru on Wednesday. The jam was so long that people stood for hours. Many vehicles developed faults due to which they remained stuck in traffic. Those trying to get out of this jam remained stuck in it for about 5 hours. Many people have expressed their views on this matter on Twitter. Apart from ORR i.e. Outer Ring Road, there was severe traffic jam on many routes.

In fact, a day earlier, farmers and the Kannada organization ‘Karnataka Water Conservation Committee’ had called for a bandh in Bengaluru. This bandh was called in protest against the release of Kaveri river water to Tamil Nadu. A day after this bandh, the situation became such that it became difficult for common people to go out on the road and reach their destination. Users expressed their anger on Twitter. One user wrote that he has been stuck in the traffic jam for the last 3 hours and has been able to walk only 5 kilometers. Another user wrote that after spending two hours he could move only 1 kilometer.

There was jam on ORR, Marathahalli, Sarjapura and Silkboard roads of Bengaluru. After which social media users advised their other colleagues not to leave their offices before 9 pm, otherwise they will have to face this traffic jam. Not only this, he also wrote that if you are leaving the office then at least avoid these routes.

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