America’s Shocking Statement Continues to Haunt India Demands Answers to Canada’s Allegations

India Canada Row: After the Nijjar massacre, the historical relations between India and Canada have turned sour. The world is keeping an eye on the growing dispute between the two countries. America is keeping a close eye on this entire matter. Meanwhile, he has given a big statement. He has asked Canada to carry forward the investigation of this matter.

India Canada Row: Tension has increased between India and Canada over the murder of Sikh separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Relationships have also come to a critical point. At present there is no guarantee as to when this dispute between the two countries will be resolved. Other countries of the world also have their eyes on India-Canada. America is continuously following this matter. Meanwhile, he has given a big statement.

America said that Canada’s investigation into the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar should move forward and the criminals should be brought to justice. Let us tell you that last week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had held India responsible for the Nijjar massacre. He had alleged that India had a hand in Nijjar’s murder. However, India had completely rejected PM Trudeau’s statement.

Canada should proceed with its investigation – America

US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller told reporters that we are concerned by the allegations of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. We are in constant touch with our Canadian colleagues. We believe that Canada should move forward with its investigation into this entire matter and bring the criminals to justice. We have publicly and privately urged the Indian government to cooperate with the Canadian investigation.

Trudeau’s attitude softens after strictness

Let us tell you that after India’s strictness in this whole matter, the attitude of Canadian PM Trudeau has softened. Seeing the situation worsening, their tone has changed. He has appealed for friendship with India. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that he wants cooperation from India in the Nijjar murder case. Want to work together with India.

Know the whole matter?

Let us tell you that Sikh separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar was shot dead outside a Gurudwara in Canada on June 18 this year. On September 18, Canadian PM Trudeau held India responsible for the murder of Nijjar. After this, India’s diplomat in Canada has been expelled. In return, India also retaliated. He also showed the door to the Canadian diplomat and asked him to leave the country within 5 days. Here this controversy reached its full height.

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